To the curious

May 13, 2011

We have to stop writing here in order to concentrate on the project that we began after the earthquake. On this site, we have posted some thoughts on the condition of Joegodson’s family, friends, and neighbours. These are the results of telephone conversations. There are many things that we discuss and argue about that have never appeared here. That is by mutual consent. Even between committed friends raised in different cultures and material conditions (perhaps especially between intimate friends), deep differences in worldviews inevitably become apparent. We both see that dealing with the differences effectively is vitally important, in the first place for individuals and, ultimately, for the world. Also, as is clear in any of our writings, we think that it is important to probe the ways that our two worlds are interdependent. We will be able to open up these conversations in the next phase of our project, which is …

Fortunately, a publishing house thinks that this is worth pursuing. So, we have worked out a plan to pursue the issues that interest us in the form of a book. We will do this together in person rather than over the phone as for this site. Eventually, we will post here an update on the result of our collaboration. Eventually, also, we will let you know the use we have made of Joegodson’s videos.

It turns out that no one contributed to Joegodson so that he could continue with this project. No problem. We have lots of confidence in each other and we have lots to say. With the support of the publishers, we will say it publicly.

If we stick to our plan, the next entry here will be in August 2011. It will alert you to the publication of our book. We’ll keep our old postings available here.


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