November 18, 2010

 This letter is self-explanatory. We have translated it for Rodrig, as he asked. The English translation that we handed back to him is below the Creole. Soon, we will explain in more detail how the two boys came to such a state. Meanwhile, we will block out the most pertinent details until we see if anything can come of it. They have asked us to post this here for them.

17 novanm 2010

Pè John,

Pè mwen, chak fwa ou vini isit la nan lopital – – – ki plase nan – – -, mwen santi’m jennen pou mwen pale avek ou paske langaj nou pa menm pou mwen ta eksplike ou problèm nou nan lopital – – -.

Se sa ki fè mwen cheche yon zanmi’m ki pale angle pou li ede’m prepare ti lèt sa a ki te fè pou ou.

Me problèm mwen genyen, mwen gen six lane depi mwen malad. Se yon bal maron mwen te pran lane 2004. Mwen pa jamn konsilte yon doktè spesyalis nan mikrob. Se sa ki fè pwazon bal yo vin pete nan tout kò mwen. Depi mwen vin nan lopital sa a yo pa jamn fè anyen pou mwen. Tout tan mwen pase nan lopital la se ti pansmann sèlman avek 2 ti grann medikaman y’ap ban mwen chak jou san konsilte.

Depi mwen vini nan lopital mwen gen yon zanmi Reynald ki isit tou depi 2004. Limemn li te mekanisyen. Se yon machin ki te tonbe sou senti’l. Pandann li t’ap ranje yon machin, li te kouche anba’l, jak la te chape machin nan ki te tonbe sou senti’l. Depi sa a li te vini nan lopital tou. Tout sa te fè nan lane mwen te pran bal la, 2004. Li paralise nan santi’l. Mwen paralise nan tout kò mwen paske mwen te pran bal la nan kolòn vetebral.

Responsab yo trete nou kom yon bisnis. Yo pa fè anyen ki serye pou nou jwenn sante. Pafwa nou mande yon ti lase pase pou nou ale fè yon radiografi nan lòt lopital. Responsab yo pa dakò. Nou oblije rete akòz blese nou. Nou pa pesiste paske si responsab yo ranvwaye nou nou pa gen posibilite pou nou ale nan lòt lopital. Paran nou pa gen moyen pou yo voye nou al pran swen nou nan lòt bon lopital.

Akòz bon medikaman nou pa jwenn, blese nou yo pa ka geri.

Rete kouche nan lopital la li pa fè nou byen de tout. Paske non sèlman nou pa jwenn sante, laj nou ap monte, se tout venn nan corps nou ap vin rèd chak jou.

Nou ta renmen wè yon doktè spesyalis pou konsilte nou pou bay nou bon medikaman pou maladi nou yo ka geri. Epi pou nou t’ap pase nan yon sant de terapi pou venn yo ta kapab lache, jis pou nou kapab fe yon ti chita lakay nou avek famil nou yo.

Me sa a nou t’ap viv si byen. Mèm si nou pa ta ka mache, nou t’ap santi kanmenm yon ti soulajman.



November 17, 2010

Father John,

Father, each time you visit us here at the Hospital — in [a specific neighbourhood in Port-au-Prince], I feel shy to speak with you because we don’t speak the same language so that I could explain to you our problems here. So I asked a friend who speaks English to help me prepare this little letter for you.

But my problem is that it has been six years since my accident. A stray bullet struck me in 2004. I have never seen a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases. My skin is covered in poison that erupts all over my body. Since I came to this hospital they have never done anything for me. They have never done anything but put bandages on me and give me two pills each day without any medical consultation.

Since I came to the hospital, I have a friend Reynald who, like me, arrived in 2004. He was a mechanic. A car fell on top of him. While he was working on the car, he was lying under it when the jack gave way and the car fell onto his waist. Since that accident, he has been here too. That happened the same year that I was hit by the bullet, 2004. He is paralysed from the waist down. I am paralysed everywhere because the bullet hit me in my spinal column.

The staff members treat us like we were a show; they only pay attention to us when visitors come by. They never do anything serious to help us get healthy. Sometimes, we ask if we can go to another hospital and get x-rays. The staff will not allow it. We are required to stay here because of our injuries. We don’t push it too far because if they expel us from the hospital, we would never have a chance to go to the other hospital for tests. Our parents cannot afford to take care of us by sending us to the other good hospital for tests.

Because we don’t have the right treatment, we cannot recover.

Lying in a bed in a hospital and doing nothing is doing us no good at all. Not only are we not getting better, we are getting older and our bodies are wasting away. We want to see a specialist who might be able to give us some treatment that will help us recover.

Also, we would like to go to a centre for therapy so that our bodies would stop wasting away. Then we might be able to go home and sit with our families. That would make us very happy. Even if we couldn’t walk, we would find some peace and contentment.



One Response to “Healthcarelessness”

  1. How tragic! I live in Port-au-Prince, but can still never get beyond the suffering I see here. My post from 11 November 2010 talks about the “event horizon” we cross when coming to Haiti. To read it go to:
    What can we do to help Rodrig and his friend?

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